La Passeggiata – When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do!

La Passeggiata – When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do!

Rome, the capital and one of the best cities in Italy for tourists, is a major city of Europe with great traditions and history. One of the most pleasant traditions, enjoyed by visitors just as much as by the locals, is “la passeggiata”. The “ritual” entails the locals flooding the streets for a relaxing stroll as soon as early evening falls.

During la passeggiata, people socialize in piazzetas and often stop drink a cup of wine in the one of the numerous bars on the side of Rome’s streets. The locals like to dress up for this tradition and display their latest designer clothes, so you can easily tell the tourists apart from the Italians, as you’ll usually find the former in T-shirts and comfy shorts and maybe with a small backpack on their back.

Where to Go for Your Passeggiata

One of Rome’s famous routes used for passeggiatas starts in Via del Corso, a straight and large street in a location known for twisted and narrow roads. This makes the street the ideal place for a relaxing walk through one of the best cities in Italy. You can follow the route to the famous Porta Del Popolo, an entrance to the center of Rome that is definitely unique thanks to the Piazza Del Popolo. This point of attraction is surrounded by two well-known baroque chapels.

Walking further, the stone road on the Pincian Hill can take you to amazing sights. This is the best place to walk under the colorful pines and experience an amazing dusk in the Piazza del Popolo, with Rome’s roofs and domes. When you see Italy’s capital in its entire splendor, a city break is enough to provide you a small sample of the things that can be truly appreciated out there.  Northern Italy tours are truly a delight for the whole family.

However, staying in Rome a longer period of time can be a real life changing experience for anyone who has the time, money and patience to discover it in detail. Another amazing and less agglomerated path for your passeggiatas is Gianicolo (Janiculum Hill), a tree-lined road that climbs the second highest hill in the capital of Italy. From its peak, you can see Rome’s skyline outlined by its rich landscapes – a truly amazing panorama.

You must also take your time to go to the famous San Pietro cathedral in Montorio, a place said to be constructed on St. Peter’s grave. Fontana dell’Acqua Paola is another main point of attraction, a famous Baroque fountain from the 17th century that you can admire before going to the district of Trastevere, where people can taste a delicious supper in a standard osteria.

City breaks in Rome can offer you a good sample of the Italian lifestyle, as well as help you dig deeper into the country’s rich history and traditions. The only problem you’ll find about this beautiful capital is that you simply need more time to spend here in order to be able to see everything it has to offer.

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